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“Quantic AKA Will Holland: Musican, Producer & Music Selector heralding from Worcestershire. Currently beat making and tape splicing in the tropics of Colombia, South America.” He has been experimenting with a variety of genres lately – including soul, hip-hop, bossa and more. All these little gems & snippets have been compiled under the name “Out From the Cellar”. Our favorites:


Guerre incorporates looped sounds, beat-boxing and vocal layers in his musical palette. He makes beautiful and delicate music; a melange of chillwave, doowop and ambient sounds.

Yoro Kobi

Fresh French Duo Louis M. & Vincent G who go by the name Yoro Kobi formed their little duo in 2012. Since then they have produced several songs. Here are two of them, Enjoy !

Alice Russell

Alice Russell is arguably one of the best soul voices of our generation. She is best known from her solo records with longtime musical partner TM Juke, as well as collaborations with legendary downtempo producers such as Mr Scruff, Quantic, DJ Yoda and Nostalgia 77. Russell released her new solo album “To Dust” yesterday (25th Feb), these two numbers really stand out!


Apparently Kevin Richi and Max Gain met at a party in Ibiza, they bonded over a conversation – realizing their mutual appreciation of music. The duo left the party around 5 a.m. to a hotel room, sat down to make a tune and FlicFlac was born there and then.


We have been hearing their evocative, innovative post dub-step beats all around since the past year. Even though the english duo Adam and George are still in their teens, their music is matured and far beyond their age..

John Talabot

John Talabot is a Spanish DJ and producer, always staying ahead of the game by adhering exclusively to his own set of rules. While some of his compositions are sparkled by skittering percussions that  add an underlying liveliness, most of his art is smooth, sensual, alluring, and strikingly mesmerizing.

Playlist 1 – Hard Drugs

At times dark and ambient, and others sweeping and melodic, these collection of songs have a unique character with many layers and emotions.

Chilly Gonzales

Well Chilly Gonzales isn’t an “up & coming” artist, his musical career received recognition longer than a decade ago. What’s intriguing about Gonzales is his diversity in the field. Many of us came to know him from his 2010 electronic pop album – “Ivory Tower”, but his talent as a pianist, songwriter and producer have received acclaim long before; including a Grammy. Here’s his most successful hit from Ivory Tower : “You Can Dance”, along with “Othello” – a new tune from his second Solo Piano album that just came out. (What?!)

Emil Berliner

“Emil Berliner works with many diversifed musical directions and genres. He enjoys classical music just as much as music from the 60’s. Berliner ́s passion for “good vibes”, wherever he finds them, urges him on a pilgramage of sound rediscovery.”