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Kruse & Nuernberg

Florian Kruse & Nils Nuernberg a.k.a Kruse&Nuernberg is a dj/producer duo from Hamburg, Germany. Since the last couple of years they have  created some of the most interesting deep house tunes. This is their song with Stee Downes.

Nostalgia 77

Benedic Lamdin aka Nostalgia 77 has produced a total of 11 LP’s and CD’s since 2004. Over the years Benedic has worked as “a producer, remixer, recording, mix engineer and DJ” with other famous names signed with Tru Thoughts Records such as Alice Russell  and Natural Self – both featured here. Like many others, his music was sample predominantly sample based and hence hip-hop influenced beats. Yet again like many others, his admiration in other genres of music such as Jazz led him to explore experiment – resulting in a nu-jazz orchestrated release in 2007. Much has happened since then, including the famous cover/remix of the cult song Seven Nation Army, which carried Nostalgia 77 to the top of the music charts. Our favorites:



Young English Dj/Producer Romare is clearly very different from other young producers we have encountered.  Romare has spent his last year searching for and collecting samples. He believes that “a new form of music can emerge by investigating the relationship between different musical cultures through sampling” as he explains in his Facebook page.He mainly focuses on African and African-American music. Archie a.k.a Romare describes his music similar to Romare Bearden’s artwork who was an African- American artist and writer.

Luis Leon

Luis Leon’s recent release ‘Love is a Lie’ exudes an air of raw and vibrant energy, that is pure quality.

Dj Koze feat. Caribou

There lies classic awkward Caribou nuances beneath the surface but that is exactly what makes it addictive. While the groove itself is amazing, the vocals that step in make it even smoother.


Natural Self

Natural Self started his career in 2000 as a producer/beatmaker. At the time he was making solely sample-based music on a “shit PC”. For a while the only thing he relied on was cutting and pasting pieces of audio, no midi, instruments, sytnths … nothing. Over the years, he was exposed to different techniques and genres of music and his style changed accordingly. “Change or die, right?” He calls this transformation an ongoing process. His latest sinlge Machine was released this month, It’s fair to say that this transition is a positive one so far !


Searching For Sugarman!

As soon as the Oscar’s wrapped, best documentary winner “Searching for Sugarman” was a hit. Hence Sixto Rodriguez,an American folk singer, got the attention he deserved, finally. The Round Table Knights made a very groovy and fun edit for Rodriguez’s  Hate Street Dialogue  from his 1970’s album Cold Fact.

Flight Facilities

Famous duo Flight Facilities is on a roll this year! They seem to have gone back in time for their remixes this season with their 70’s and 80’s mixes, and their mix on Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven and etc..

Afrojack – Lionheart


“Dj & Producer with Love for “Non Commercial Electronic Music”  is what Kleinlaut describes himself as in his facebook page. He is an up and coming dj producer from Stuttgart, Germany. Be sure to check him out !


Saccao aka Konstantinos Sakkas is an up and coming dj/producer, who has a lot to offer in the electronic music scene. His recent releases certainly deserve to be heard. Enjoy these sweet and tasty vibes!