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Ferdinand Weber

Ferdinand Weber is a dj/producer from Munich, Germany. He found us through Daniele Di Martino – with whom he previously collaborated on the remix of Dillon’s “Thirteen Thirtyfive”.  Over the years Weber has been “ghost producing” for other dj’s including Tom Novy, Roland Clark, Ron Carroll and more. But nowadays Ferdinand is “focusing on his own passion which is Deep & Tech House.”

He shared with us his remix of Leslie Clio’s “Dr. Feelgood” – wonderful work! The track has a very summery vibe to it – full of exciting & popping sounds of hi-hats, claps, bells, and finger snapping + the addition of a funky bass line & the amazing voice of Leslie Clio sums up to one of our favorite tunes of March 2013.

We are sure that this is only the beginning of very a promising future for Ferdinand in the production cosmos. We urge you to follow his new releases in the near future, you won’t be disappointed!

The Establishment

It was hard to find any juice about The Establishment until i discovered that it was the secret identity of Chris Malinchak himself. This is the only song that has been released by The Establishment and it is without a doubt a masterpiece. It’s the kind of song that will put a big smile on your face and get you on your feet and dancing, we all know that we are in need of songs like this one.


Thanks to a drunken cold english night, good friends and a fantastic documentary i encountered this independent french band who go by the name Drunksouls. They formed the band in 2002 with members from different origins and cultures. Their music is the combination of Punk Spirit, Rock Culture and Reggae Sound.

” Their music is a patchwork of various influences which aims to make you dance as well as to make you think. Their songs, sometimes playful, sometimes dark, sometimes lively dark at the same time, carry a message of conciliation and tolerance, in which humour and gravity are intelligently cohabiting. ”


Berlin based producer Moritz Friedrich – aka Siriusmo – has been active in the production scene for over 12 years. Until the release of his 2011 album “Mosaik”, most of his works were scattered in the form of singles and EPs – perhaps an explanation for his prominence in the more recent years. We featured Siriusmo’s most celebrated track “Signal” for you last year and had been waiting for a new release ever since. Luckily it’s officially on the “coming soon” list ! The new album will be called “Enthusiast” and will be released under Monkeytown Records in June. Until then, we are certain you will enjoy his single “Itchy” from the upcoming album:



Its one of those sets that evokes a sense of sweet yet urgent excitement in your body to taste the upcoming tracks. Perfect tunes for a rooftop day party: a blazing sun, azure sky, cold beer, smooth wind, fun people..


“Jazz sample based oldschool shit from Germany” is how FloFilz defines himself. Hip-hop based sampling / beat-making production style is nothing unique these days. In fact, the technique has been the introductory point to music-making for many famous producers from a variety of genres including house and electronic music . Perhaps it’s the lure of easiness that comes with drumming in beats over samples – or maybe the opportunity of composing  without the need for knowledge in music theory that makes it so. In any case, it’s quite difficult to get distinguished in this arena for the mentioned reasons. Yet FloFilz manages to stand out by narrowing his sample selection to a niche: Piano + Sax influenced Jazz music. Careful selection of beautiful sax and piano solos accompanied by great drums incorporated by the artist combine into great tracks. Here’s our favorites:

Nico Pusch

Nico Pusch is a dj/producer from Marlow, Germany. He was born in 1986 and grew up in a small town in the north of Germany near the Baltic Sea. Apparently he became a musician with the support of his uncle in an early age. He is mostly known for his bootlegs for our most favorite tunes. He is undeniably a producer that we will be hearing of a lot in the future ! Here is his new bootleg for Bobby Mcferrin’s famous song “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.


Boogie Belgique

Boogie master Boogie Belgique..

The kind of music that we can’t give up. Every time i hear  a song of Boogie Belgique  i come back to this page writing. Even though it seems like they are a band or a duo, Boogie Belgique is a one man show. Oswald Cromheecke a.k.a Boogie Belgique, is a 22 year old illustration student from Ghent, Belgium. He has a very distinguishing style, Abstract Hiphop and Electro Swing to be exact. He is a never fail musician, he will make you fall in love with every beat the produces no doubt. Last Summer he came out with his debut album “Blueberry Hill” and on January 2013 he decided that it was time for a boogie and so he came out with his second album. Check it out !

Monarchy vs Lana Del Rey

We’re not necessarily big fans of mashup music – at least of the recent stuff, but this one is really really awesome. The backing tune is from Monarchy’s “The Phoenix Alive” with vocals from Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” thrown on top – it’s a fantastic combination. Not more introduction is necessary for this one, enjoy !

Daniele Di Martino

Di Martino has a rather interesting introduction into the music scene: he started playing the violoncello at the age of 4, and had “great success” with it. His genre of interest switched to Hip-Hop around 15 for a short period of time – until he settled on electronic music.  And we are glad he did !

Daniele dropped this in our inbox last month. We immediately fell in love with it. He labeled his track as a remix, but after listening to the original I must admit that it exceeds that rank. Kat Frankie’s version is very much vocal oriented – a totally different genre. Di Martino made superb use of sampling and altering the vocals to suit the rest of his song. We are greeted by a dark yet extremely catchy and emotional keyboard / percussion intro – just the way we like it. The chords almost never abandon the song – the rest of the flavor  is incorporated with the introduction of a funky electronic bass-line  some creative variety of percussive sounds with a chunk of reverb and of course the vocals. Overall, it all blends into a magnificent song. Well done Daniele, you will definitely be on close watch from now on, good luck !