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Cosmo Sheldrake

We have a real musical genius from London, England, here among us today. Cosmo Sheldrake is a “master looper, multi instrumentalist”. He has been playing jazz and classical piano from the age of 4. Thats not it, he performs on banjo, loop station, keyboards, double bass, drums, didgeridoo and so much more ! He is a singer, improviser, a composer and a producer.

His inspirations come generally from musical traditions like, Mongolia to West Africa, blues to classical and folk to balkan music. He is with no doubt one of the youngster musicians that will define our time in the future !

“…Keep a close eye on him, and an even closer ear.” – Sam Lee, The Nest Collective

He is a one man band with extraordinary talent, you wouldn’t want to miss out on him !


Stavroz is a Belgian duo with a clear mindset and a unique sound. Somehow they manage to infuse jazz, gypsy and swing with electronic elements. One of them is an awesome saxaphone player, the other one knows how to handle the flute like a champ.

Daft Punk Frenzy

I think all of us, even including those who live in a cage have heard the new single of Daft Punk and are waiting eagerly for their album which is coming out on May 2013. So it is safe to say that the Daft Punk frenzy has begin and all the amatuer, professional, up and coming beat makers, producers and Djs are spinning their records in Daft’s way. I have listened to about nearly 50 ‘Get Lucky’ edits, remixes and etc.. and here are my two picks for today along with Daft Punk’s original track. Enjoy !

Dean Tyler

Dean Tyler’s ‘Ordinary Things’ EP which contains 3 remixes is finally out this month on Mexican label Southshore. Our favourite remix is by Hot Toddy, which is a classy deep house track with chopped up groovy vocal samples by Dos Santos.


Gorgon City

‘Real’ is the duo’s – producers Foamo (Kye Gibbon) and RackNRuin (Matt Scott) – recent release. It will definitely not disappoint!


Here is one of the most amazing tracks that we have heard so far this year. We hope you like it!

Playlist 2

We hope these collection of tunes will help you rediscover the existing love deep in your souls, and reach out to your fantasies so that worldly cares may not blur the sense of beauty that lies within.


Melohman’s interpretation of Sade’s ‘Pearls’ is certainly a beautiful track; melodic, and mesmerizing, with a hint of melancholy.

How We Like

These tunes are outfitted with a mind blowing bass, very simple yet pounding beat, and a face-melting ambient flavor. Enjoy !


This song is originally Aaron Smith’s 2004 hit “Dancin”. The electronic-rock parisian duo Krono has took Aaron Smith’s song and turned it in to a whole new thing. While the original song is more up-beat and funky Krono has made their version of the song more calm and better- fitted to our generation as in more of the electronic beats we just can’t get enough of. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have !