Boogie Belgique

Boogie master Boogie Belgique..

The kind of music that we can’t give up. Every time i hear  a song of Boogie Belgique  i come back to this page writing. Even though it seems like they are a band or a duo, Boogie Belgique is a one man show. Oswald Cromheecke a.k.a Boogie Belgique, is a 22 year old illustration student from Ghent, Belgium. He has a very distinguishing style, Abstract Hiphop and Electro Swing to be exact. He is a never fail musician, he will make you fall in love with every beat the produces no doubt. Last Summer he came out with his debut album “Blueberry Hill” and on January 2013 he decided that it was time for a boogie and so he came out with his second album. Check it out !

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