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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Max Manie

Who is this Max Manie ?

You know that song you suddenly start hearing all around and wonder what the name is and whose it is. The track you hear in the radio, or in a bar or even somewhere completely irrelevant, and you take out your phone and shazam it without thinking.. Well that’s Max Manie’s track Sunday.

Young producer Max is from Austria and lives in Vienna. Although his track ‘sunday’ is all about the electronic beats his musical background isn’t restricted with electronica in fact Manie comes from a indie rock band kinda background.

His track was remixed by Klangkarussell, which you can find in their soundcloud page.


Well the truth is i don’t know quite much about Jungle.  Only that they are two with a lot of talent.

I found this track at the beginning of the summer and since i haven’t found a new track that i liked as much as this one. It is comforting to know out there real music in still in the making !


Phoenix and Remixes

French indie band Phoenix’s 5th studio album was released on April 19th 2013. Now since the release, one track caught the attention of a lot of us and even some of our most famous djs… While the original track hit the top, some delicious remixes and edits followed it.

Here are our favorites!

Ost & Kjex

What’s a monday without music ?  Monday..

But a monday with a little Ost & Kjex, i believe, can make the whole week seem like a friday, or even a saturday! That’s how good they are.. Especially their  two part track Blue-cheese from their 2010 album ‘Cajun Lunch’.

Yes, Ost & Kjex isn’t like the normal dj/producer duo’s that most would be accustomed. They are so much better with their  eccentric and fun tunes. Oslo based duo Ost & Kjex are known for their original, electro, funk, disco and house beats.. and of course for their obsession with food hence the foodie album names.

Aah!  Ost & Kjex a.k.a short men in women’s dresses..


Pillowtalking : is the relaxed, intimate conversation that often occurs between two partners after the act of woohoo usually accompanied by cuddling, caresses, and other physical intimacy.

On the other hand PillowTalk band is formed from Sammy D and Ryan Williams and Michael Tello. There music  reflects on their name with their classic R&B, boogie and disco beats with a touch of an underground house and techno feel.. They are based in the famous Lower Haight District in  sunny San Francisco.

Here is their new EP Lullaby !




1. Guti & Luca Bacchetti – Loneliness

2. Hvob – Always Like This (Oliver Koletzki Remix)

3. Bedouin Soundclash – Brutal Hearts (Dr Dru Remix)

4. Nick Safao – Its Allright (Kolombo Remix)

5. Finebassen – What you Do

6. Nhan Solo feat. Fml – Easy (Adriatique Remix)

7. Omer S – THe Shit Baby

8. Infinity Ink – Infinity

9. Kraak & Smaak – Lets Go Back (Solomun Remix)

10. Wild Culture, Juliet Sikora – In You

11. Adeline – Love Handles You (Fur Coat Remix)

12. Henrik Schwarz, Kuniyuki – Once Again