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Monthly Archives: February 2013


You may know STRFKR from their well known track “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second” (2008) – a must in a hipsters playlist. They recently released a new album “Miracle Mile”, and we like it. A lot. So much funk incorporated. STRFKR will definitely be in our most-pursued list from now on. Here’s some of our favourites from “Miracle Mile”, along with an amazing single “While I’m Alive” (2012).

Cee Roo

Cee Roo is a young producer who focuses on hiphop, jazz and soul. He has came out with singles dedicated to our musical ancestors like Sinatra, Otis Redding, John Lennon and more. You can find all of them in his soundcloud page. Meanwhile here are some with his new single Work Song.


After a long, yet magical 24 hour ride at Day Zero Festival, Damian Lazarus dropped this bomb in the morning, when the sun was rising. It will make you want to paint rainbows in the air while melting under the sun.


The two young producers, David Hofmann and Till Gerloff formed Durerstuben in early 2009. Their creations evoke a sense of happiness and beauty, harmonizing mood, soul and character. These two pieces reflect music’s ability to move people’s minds and bodies.

Kool & Kabul

KOOL&KABUL are two young producers from munich, germany, who also act as dj team. They are both at the beginning of their 20s and started their collaboration in May 2012. Their passion is to produce and listen to deep, disco, indie sound, which also ohters (might) enjoy.


Came across this remix of bad girl Rihanna’s new single Stay. It’s very different than the original, even slightly better.


Stéphanie Sokolinski better known by her stage name Soko (sometimes stylized as SoKo) is a French singer and actress. She’s known for her hit single “I’ll Kill Her” which she released in 2007. 5 years have passed since, but her lovely & childish vocals never grew old in our hearts. A remix by Hannes Fischer has been going around in the past few months, definitely a nice job. Enjoy.


Oldies to Newbies

These are the songs of our slightly passed and present past. From 1999 to 2011 to be exact. But they have been taken from our past and made fit to our present. Not that their originals  could ever be outdated…

The Whitest Boy Alive

They are the whitest of the whitest, they are the whitest boys alive. The whitest boy alive is a  German- Norwegian music group based in Berlin. Kings of Convenience’s own Erlend Oye is the guitarist and vocals of the group. The other members of the group consist of Marcin Oz the bassist, Sebastian Maschat the drummer and Daniel Nentwig on the Rhodes piano. Here is their single 1517 and a little TTT remix on the side.

Oh la la …

Bonjour mesdames et messieurs. Today we’ve prepared a french playlist pour vous! They all have two things in common they are all french and fantastic.. bon amusement !