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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Playlist 1 – Hard Drugs

At times dark and ambient, and others sweeping and melodic, these collection of songs have a unique character with many layers and emotions.

Chilly Gonzales

Well Chilly Gonzales isn’t an “up & coming” artist, his musical career received recognition longer than a decade ago. What’s intriguing about Gonzales is his diversity in the field. Many of us came to know him from his 2010 electronic pop album – “Ivory Tower”, but his talent as a pianist, songwriter and producer have received acclaim long before; including a Grammy. Here’s his most successful hit from Ivory Tower : “You Can Dance”, along with “Othello” – a new tune from his second Solo Piano album that just came out. (What?!)

Emil Berliner

“Emil Berliner works with many diversifed musical directions and genres. He enjoys classical music just as much as music from the 60’s. Berliner ́s passion for “good vibes”, wherever he finds them, urges him on a pilgramage of sound rediscovery.”

Art Department

The Canadian duo Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White have been playing a crucial role as Art Department in re-sexifying dancefloors. ‘All Mine’ has a special groove, a sexy voice, and an addictive bass.



Vario is a brand new producer from Basel, Switzerland. He has a few releases on soundcloud but one of them – “Falling In Love” – really took off recently. I suggest you bear with the intro for a while, the track builds up quite slow but really delivers when the bassline comes in around 1:04. Very few layers are used in this track but thats the key to its success – simple but elegantly groovy.


Maxime Firket from Liege,Belgium a.k.a Compuphonic grew up “surrounded by music” as he describes in his soundcloud page. His single Sunset hit the roof last year and it has recently became popular again with new remixes circulating the web.

Foc Edits

It was about 2 years ago when i first came across this group, It was their edit on Ozdemir Erdogan’s Ac Kapiyi Gir Iceri. Foc edits is a collective music editing project from our hometown Istanbul. Here are some of their awesome edits and reworks. I strongly advise you to follow them on soundcloud and to listen to them religiously!

Parra for Cuva

“hey my name is Nicolas, I make electronic music under the name Parra for Cuva”

Its a shame we know so little about Parra for Cuva but we are certain it wont stay this way for long!


A tasteful and delicious version of Sing it Back. Its simple aura of freshness and lightness makes you crave summer.

Chicken Lips

‘He Not In’ is famous for the nasty bassline that changed the course of dance music. It sneaks through your skin, slowly gaining control over your bones, heart, brain, and soul.  Noir skillfully builds up on Chicken Lips’ extraordinary creation and takes it to another level.