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Arcade Fire

This song gives me the sweetest chills.

  • Arcade Fire - The Suburbs


JUNGLE was founded by Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson. The pair had been friends since they were nine years old, where they lived next door to each other in Shepherds Bush, London. They both attended Latymer Upper School, and played together within a number of different groups, one of which, Born Blonde, saw some success.

  • Jungle - Drops
  • Jungle - Busy Earnin'
  • Jungle - The Heat
  • Jungle - Julia
  • Jungle - Platoon

Chet Faker

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  • Chet Faker - This Song is Not About a Girl
  • Chet Faker - Talk is Cheap
  • Chet Faker - Release Your Problems

Four Tet

British Keiran Hebden, known as ‘Four Tet’ released his new album on October 2013 and ‘Unicorn’ is one of the best among many others. Other tracks are the recollection of our favourites. His creations are rather mellow and dreamy.

Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities’ recent release meets the Lithuanian Basanov’s selective taste, imprinted with a little ‘Booka Shade’ flavor.


Adrian HeldĀ andĀ Tobias Rieser, 25 year old Austrians never disappoint. Their new release has a lot of potential to become a new hit.

Max Manie

Who is this Max Manie ?

You know that song you suddenly start hearing all around and wonder what the name is and whose it is. The track you hear in the radio, or in a bar or even somewhere completely irrelevant, and you take out your phone and shazam it without thinking.. Well that’s Max Manie’s track Sunday.

Young producer Max is from Austria and lives in Vienna. Although his track ‘sunday’ is all about the electronic beats his musical background isn’t restricted with electronica in fact Manie comes from a indie rock band kinda background.

His track was remixed by Klangkarussell, which you can find in their soundcloud page.